An unique account that boosts your credit score each month

Manage expenses and send positive markers to your Experian credit file with iBanco for only £12.99 a month

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iBanco is an online e-money account that boosts your credit score each month

Giving You Credit Superpowers

With iBanco you have an online app to help you keep on top of your expenses, whilst your credit score is getting boosted each and every month with our powerful positive marker (the strongest on the market!)

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Safe, Secure and Trusted

Your iBanco account is protected by biometric access and industry-leading security, to provide peace of mind and reassurance. iBanco also partners with industry leaders such as Experian and Mastercard.

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Why iBanco?

Manage expenses, streamline payments and boost your credit score each month. iBanco's online e-money account does it all!

Having a better credit score can save you thousands in lower charges.

Many companies save their best rates and products for people with better credit scores, which doesn’t sound fair but it’s unfortunately an inconvenient truth.

For decades, the lowest mortgage and loan rates have been offered to the most affluent customers with the best credit scores. This discrimination has been followed by an array of companies from utility providers to telecoms companies.

iBanco is on a mission to level the playing field for individuals with poor or little credit history. We believe everyone has the right to access better credit.

Sign up to iBanco to boost your credit score today, it could save you £1,000’s in lower fees in the future.

How iBanco boosts your credit score

Set up your account

Set up your account online or with the help of our trusted support staff. Your account and data is protected by industry-leading security.

Link to your credit file

A credit agreement is then formed to connect your iBanco account to you Experian credit file. Each month your payment marker is sent to Experian.

Your score is boosted!

Every month of successful payment will result in a positive payment marker on your credit file. No interest is ever added, and anyone can boost their score!

Simple Pricing

Each month you can send a positive marker to your credit file. iBanco is able to send the most powerful positive marker to your credit score on the market!

Win, Win!
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Boost your credit score each month

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What customers are saying

We believe you are much more than a credit score, and everyone should have access to the best financial products. That is why we don't discriminate. No matter you current score, iBanco is here to help.

Simon Flashman

iBanco really has been a helping hand. From getting my payments streamlined, to sending a boost to my credit score each month.

Eleanor Platt

iBanco's customer service is  excellent and always ready to help.

Howard Stern

iBanco is amazing! I saw improvements to my credit score within three months.